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Custom Integration

Custom Integration

We work on custom integration projects that are both small and large. No matter the case, our goal is to give you the biggest return on investment possible.

 Custom Integration 

At Core101, we are really good at connecting the dots of business systems. One of the things that clearly sets us apart from our competitors is that we are willing to do the hard work that can have the greatest impact on your bottom line. We do this by analyzing your business and developing custom solutions that tie the different pieces of it together. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Automated order processing from eCommerce systems through internal inventory and ERP systems
  • The fusion of custom web sites with internal CRM and marketing systems
  • Real time communication with your distributors, suppliers, vendors and partners
  • The ability to track limitless amounts of data that can aid in marketing and sales efforts

Some products that we regularly work with include:

  • SageCRM
  • SugarCRM 
  • Retail Pro

Contact Core101 today to schedule a meeting with our team to see how your businesses bottom line can be improved by Core101 custom integration solutions.

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